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We all know what a hovercraft is. A vehicle suspended a few feet above ground that moves rapidly with the ability to maneuver above land as well as water with perfect ease.

The hovercraft is extensively being used for civilian as well as for military purposes and is a very versatile mode of transport that could carry from a few passengers to more than a hundred or more.

Based on the same concept designers and prospective developers, tried to introduce the same technology to design a similar vehicle where only one individual could travel. The race was on, as to who would get there first and with the two technologies that is the hovercraft and the intended vehicle having diverse and diametrical technological aspects and the need for a completely different technology it was an uphill task that all of them encountered.

Then the attention and perception took a drastic change and instead of trying to move forward whilst being suspended in mid air the idea had to take a change with a dent to the pride of some and it was conceived that it would be easier to move forward whilst still firmly on the ground.

This change made life very much easier for designers and developers alike and the "hoverboard" was born and made its impact especially after it became popular with the "Back to the future" film series.

"Hoverboards" are able to travel at speeds of 12 miles per hour which is a very healthy commuting speed and once the right travelling paths are constructed like what has been introduced for bicycles there is sure to be an unprecedented demand for this product to travel short distances which would otherwise take much time.

Run on rechargeable batteries of which AlienBoard Hoverboards have taken the initiative and upper hand that could be run for around ten to twelve miles or an equal time period they are leading the pack at the moment and are on line to bring some very innovative models in the future.

AlienBoard Hoverboard and their impact

One manufacturer who turned the tide towards them was the innovative Alien Board Hoverboard and their design came out trumps whilst other manufacturers had issues with the electrical circuitry and faulty batteries. You can visit Alien Wheels blog and there you can see how cheap hoverboards are different with good hoverboards.

Some manufacturers encountered some very embarrassing moments when their "hoverboards" self ignited placing young and not so young users at risk which compelled the relevant legislating authorities to clampdown on stringent standards.

The strict UL2272 standard especially formulated for "hoverboards" was introduced and AlienBoard passed the stringent tests and has the certification to proudly announce that their "hoverboards" are safe and manufactured to those stringent standards.

The UL2272 certification has become the benchmark for quality and above all safety and with others still clamoring for it AlienBoard Self Balancing Hoverboards have overtaken the pack and are standing tall as the lone sentinel in a very imaginative and progressive product which would surely take the world by storm once all the loose ends are sorted out n the near future.