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Products are developed and nurtured under the collective support of "Kickstarter" which is an innovative platform that provides the required expertise to ensure success.

Kickstarter brings innovative thinking and converts them into products that are beneficial to consumers and are supported through its nascent stages by creative professionals.

The beginnings

Initially inaugurated on April 28, 2009 it has been a very successful endeavor with a majority of the projects being well received. There has been US $ 3.6 billion that has been pledged collectively for 140,475 projects.

There have been a tremendous following for most of these projects with more than 14 million people upholding the projects and ensuring their success.

VORTECON is promoted and manufactured at in US with a team of dedicated entrepreneurs. There are 119 of them working independently seeking to bring the best products to their discerning customers.

Professional support

There are professionals from every sphere of society, including but not limited to designers, artists, support specialists, developers, poets, painters, gamers, robot builders, writers, musicians and many more.

Together they have brought out more than 34,000 erstwhile and innovative projects which have been developed to the highest standards possible.

There have been many other products which have been developed individually which have all made indelible marks on the society at large.

Following success

VORTECON is the sixth of a line of innovative products developed by this particular team, which has tasted success in all their previous endeavors.

There is no doubt that VORTECON would also taste the same success as its predecessors, as it is a product manufactured to the highest standards as required by Kickstarter.

The idea behind VORTECON is in itself quite revolutionary as stress is a very much spoken of subject in the public domain in every corner of the world.