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Hoverboards that actually hover?

Hoverboards such as Alien Board have conquered the market at a rapid phase. It is spreading to the eastern parts of the world as well. People are actually dealing with basic cheap hoverboards which don't hover above the ground level. The whole purpose of a hoverboard, as the name implies is to make the rider hover in the air. People are more comfortable with personal hoverboards which just provide mobility on the surface of the ground. People are questioning the advancement of these devices. There are actually a few extensive types of hoverboards which could hover above the ground level. Described below are a few of these extensive hoverboards.

The Omni Hoverboard

The hoverboard once contributed in setting the Guinness world record for the farthest flight on a hoverboard. They managed to travel over 900 feet which is quite impressive. This is among the very few hoverboards which use the propeller-based technology to assure maximum effectiveness and functioning. These hoverboards set a great platform for professional photographers to better control their drones while in the air. This is the future of simple air mobility for ordinary people.

The AcraBoard

This device doesn't carry style, but looks could always be deceiving. It has compromised its design for the improved functioning. This is quite a powerful device and it uses 36 powerful electric fans to lift the board up in the air. This device is way expensive than the personal hoverboards. The rectangular prism-shaped design assures great stability, security, and durability. The designers and the developers wanted to give life to the dreams of the millions of hoverboard lovers all around the world.

The Hendo Hover

The developers have used four high electromagnets set to face downward to power this device. It should be noted that there are a few issues with the functioning of this device. The main problem is that this hoverboard only hovers when it's kept on an iron and metal free steel board. The device is being run on a magnetic field created by the powerful electromagnets.

The Lexus Slide

The product was introduced back in June 2015 by Lexus. This product was actually developed to reflect the effectiveness their "Amazing in Motion" marketing campaign. The device is equipped with quality features and great technology. The magnetic levitation technology which has been used to develop this hoverboard is being used to run high-speed trains. They use liquid nitrogen to cool the high power internal superconductors which facilitate motion in the air. There is a lot to be done to make this product a commercially successful product.

The Flyboard air

This is the successor device to the original device introduced by Frank Zapata. The latest version of this device is equipped with a quality air-based propulsion system to avoid the defects of the previous version. The current world record for the farthest flight on a hoverboard has been set on this Flyboard air device. It managed to cover a distance of 7388 in this record-breaking journey. This product is expected to break the barriers with the forthcoming tweaks.