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The Best Hoverboards to Buy in 2017

This has been a year of experimenting with hoverboards and finding out some of the best for people who might be looking forward to buy a hoverboard soon. There are several different brands with many models to pick from which makes it difficult to decide which hoverboard will best suit your needs. Here is a list of best hoverboards in 2017 that you can go through to find your perfect match:

1.SwagTron T1

SwagTron is one of the leading brands when it comes to manufacturing and selling hoverboards. They have earned significant name among fans of this new invention as well. Similarly, this new high-end model also comes with features that are hard to resist. SwagTron 1 is also UL2272 certified which maximizes its safety and security. It also offers the 8+mph of speed and will cover up to 12 miles. It comes with dual motor electric scooter motor of 300 watt which makes it an ideal hoverboard. It also includes other features such as rubber bumpers, LED lights and battery indicators increasing its efficiency. Since it is also lightweight you can ride it comfortably.

2.AlienBoard BatWings

Another great hoverboard that you can purchase is the AlienBoard BatWings which is another high quality board that is UL2272 certified as well. The maximum speed offered by AlienBoard BatWings is 7.5mph and it covers 9-12 miles. Some other features that make this self-balancing board interesting are the Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. The pedals are also bigger and provide you space to adjust according to your need which is another thing that makes AlienBoard BatWings ideal for use. Despite the quality, you will find AlienBoard BatWings to be much cheaper than other high quality hoverboards in the market.

3.Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Another UL2272 certified hoverboard is the Razor Hovertrax 2.0. If you are looking for the best hoverboards to buy in 2017 you cannot miss this one. The company itself has claimed this to be the smartest hoverboards in the market. The speed offered by Razor Hovertax 2.0 is 8+mph and it comes with dual 350 watt motors that are not only efficient but also noiseless. The thing that makes this hoverboard more intriguing is that it comes with and EverBalance technology which means that it allows the rider to balance themselves on the hoverboard and ride it when they are ready. This adds to the security prospect of the hoverboard itself decreasing any risk of mishaps.

4.Jetson Rover V8

If you are looking for best hoverboard to buy in 2017 you might want to check out this sleek hoverboard too. Once again, it is UL2272 certified and it also comes with IP certification which means it is dust and water resistant as well. This one comes with 400 watt motors and offers a smooth performance with good speed. This one comes with three modes: learning, standard and pro which means that you can take your time with it and learn how to ride it without any risks involved.

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