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The 2015 "Back to the Future" Part II science fiction movie did the honors to the Hoverboard industry by propelling it just like what the Hoverboards are doing to the individuals who have the love to climb onboard and take it for a ride.

The initial foray of Hoverboards into the public domain did encounter some controversies and some dramatics too, as a few self combusted causing injuries to some riders.

The statutory authorities then immediately stepped in and brought about regulations based on legislations to streamline the industry and the outcome was the UL 2722 safety initiatives which every manufacturer had to adhere to.

Hence now this has become the bar and if you are looking to purchase a cheap Hoverboard it would be prudent to ensure that the model that you select has the required UL 2722 certification.

We have selected five of the Top Rated Hoverboard brands with all of them being UL 2722 certified to help you in that endeavor, and they are:

#1. Razor Hovertrax

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 stands out among the rest of the models in this brand by being one of the lightest with ease to carry it along in its smart carry case and get on a ride wherever you would want to.

Could travel at 12 to 13 kilometers per hour and state of battery is depicted on its built in LED battery life indicator.

#2. Epikgo Hoverboard

Has a very impressive range of Hoverboards in its portfolio with the Epikgo All-Terrain scooter being the icing on their cake with top speeds, transportable high weight capacities and powerful enough to tackle any terrain.

Could travel about 16 kilometers and the two wheels are powered by two 400 watts motors.

#3. Halo Rover Hoverboard

The brand manufactures some of the best all terrain Hoverboards with the Halo Rover Hoverboard with Bluetooth capability being the top of the range in performance, durability, weight transportable, distances travelled and speed.

Can propel the rider up to about 16 kilometers at a optimum speed of 16 kilometers per hour.

#4. Alien Board Hoverboard

The outstanding feature in the Alien Board the best in the brand is its top seller model BatWings, which has better control and balancing, and has long lasting UL certified batteries and has speed when you need it.

It can travel to a maximum range of about 12 miles.

#5. Swagtron Hoverboard

The brand has some very interesting models with the Swagtron T1 Hoverboard being the best and has a range of around 18 kilometers on a fully charged battery and has speed and perfect balancing.

A special fire protection feature is built in to avoid any damage being caused by faulty batteries.


Prior to purchasing your Hoverboard peruse all the features and how they would compare with your needs and if it is for your kids be sure about the safety features and also the maximum speeds it could travel at among others.